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The Benefits of Stewart Systems Revolutionary Aircraft Coatings

A Message from Dan and Doug -

Just as our products are ahead of their time, so is our business concept. We've been in aircraft building, maintenance,painting, and flying for over a quarter-century. We had the idea of creating one source for everything required to coat and cover aircraft.

Our concept also includes genuinely superior, helpful, and supportive service. We get orders out fast. And we're pleased to draw on our experience to help out every step of the way.

Give us a call or email. Let us show you what great coatings we have and what we mean by service.

 Dan & Doug 

Aircraft Coatings Revolution?

Genuine breakthroughs have been rare in aircraft coatings.In fact, there hasn't been one since the introduction of catalyzed paints over a generation ago. Until now.

Finally, one of the country's leading coatings chemists has formulated a paint technology that does away with the high volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other risky factors of today's leading conventional aircraft paints. Stewart Systems Aircraft Fabric Covering is safe for everyoneBut these innovative breakthrough coatings compete on better-than-even terms with the leading, "old-name" brands in the qualities of a super coating.

Gloss (wet look), durability, flexibility, depth, corrosion resistance, adhesion, range of available colors, ease of application -- these and other characteristics of our great coatings meet or exceed those of today's best selling brands. And, unlike solvent based systems, Stewart Systems' aircraft finishing coatings are people-safe, and both EPA and OSHA compliant.

What's the Secret?

The breakthrough was the discovery of how to use water as a carrier for the solids in the coatings. Up to now, the only carriers for the resins and other solids in aircraft paints have been the old-time, high VOC solvents, with their offensive odors and the health hazards that EPA and OSHA are cracking down on, with increasing pressure.

Our new, breakthrough coatings are not "water-based"-- they're waterborne. Water is added only as a carrier, to reduce the viscosity of the solids to allow the coatings to be sprayed. When dry, it is impossible to distinguish between our coatings and the other two or three top solvent-based paints.

How Many Stewart Systems "BREAKTHROUGH PRODUCTS" are there?

For every aircraft surface to be coated--metal, composite, fabric, plastic--there's a new generation Stewart Systems product. In fact we're aviation's only single source of a complete line of people-safe, EPA and OSHA compliant coatings and related products.

From the bare surface to final coat, there's a special breakthrough formulation:

  1. Stewart Systems EkoEtch Aluminum Etch/Cleaner removes scale, oxidation. Brightens aluminum.
  2. Stewart Systems EkoClean Heavy Duty is a concentrated de-greaser and general purpose cleaner.
  3. Stewart Systems EkoPrime Primer Sealer is a superior quality single component primer with great adhesion.
  4. Stewart Systems EkoCoat Waterborne 1-Part Polyurethane for gloss and durability on wood, composites, and plastics.
  5. Stewart Systems EkoPoly Waterborne 2-Part Polyurethane Topcoat is our top of the line coating used over all substrates to produce a glossy, durable, and flexible finish. It is one of only 2 or 3 pure polyurethanes available today. There is nothing like it in the market.
  6. Stewart Systems EverShield is a two-component ceramic clear coat with extraordinary benefits over many surfaces. Nothing comparable is available.
  7. Stewart Systems Fabric Covering Products provide everything needed to prep, cover, and topcoat fabric aircraft.

Which user benefits the most from these extraordinary products?

It's hard to say.

Professional paint shops, plagued by expensive, awkward EPA and OSHA regs find they can stay in business without costly hassles with government. Stewart Systems Aircraft Fabric Covering is safe for the whole familyNo more problems with special environmental facilities, disposal, health and related issues.

Aircraft manufacturers solve the same problems as professional painters. They save money, and give their customers the finest in aircraft finishes. FBOs can use a corner of their hangar painting where they couldn't before.

Kitplane manufacturers do homebuilders a real favor by providing the finest, safest, most pleasant-to-use primers and coatings.

Aircraft owners will find Stewart Systems coatings the best looking, most durable, easiest to care for finishes available today.

How about cost?

With their extraordinary advantages you might expect Stewart Systems coatings to cost more than the present day leading aircraft paints.

Not so. Stewart Systems is competitively priced per gallon. But the cost per square foot covered is actually less. Our coatings are high in solids. With water added as a reducer you get more product. There are no hazardous material shipping surcharges. So it's fair to say you save 20 or 25% over top conventional paints now in volume use.

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