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What to expect at a Stewart Systems Workshop

Restored Runway Classics

Using Stewarts Systems finishing tools

This is a hands-on learning experience, by the end of the work shop you should have the practical knowledge and skills to use Stewarts Systems products to their fullest potential.

 Learning objectives:

  • Know the tools required to cover airplanes
  • Know the Stewart Systems materials required to cover airplanes
  • How to prepare steel
  • How to prepare aluminum
  • How to prepare wood
  • How to apply fabric to a structure
  • How to rib stitch
  • How to seal and protect fabric
  • How to apply finish tapes both straight and curve
  • How to apply paint to the structure

Materials needed for a successful workshop:

  • A room large enough to accommodate all participants at tables (usually 2-3 per table) at least 60 degrees temperature
  • Frames to use for covering and painting (outside of USA provided by host) approximately 2'x3' with at least 1 radius to cover around
  • Water to wash up with
  • Covering tools: scissors, pinking shears, lacing needles, hobby irons, regular household irons, heavy duty paper towles, anti-chafe tape, 1" natural bristle brushes, small paper cups, and small paper plates. (Some times can be shared by 2 or more participants) (Supplied by host)
  • Enough fabric, EkoClean, EkoFill, EkoPoly, rib lace, and 2" finish tape to cover and paint both sides of each frame. (supplied by Restored Runway Classics)
  • Participants require work clothes as this is a hands on workshop
  • HVLP paint gun (supplied by host or RRC depending on circumstances) Participants my bring their own
  • Each student needs their own charcoal filter respirator when spraying paint
  • Bring note pad and pencils

About the instructor Mark Williams:

Mark Williams is a licensed aircraft mechanic, the owner of Restored Runway Classics, and a licensed pilot of over 30 years. He has owned sever aircraft over the years. Mark is known for his home-built airplane featured in Kitplanes magazine and for his airplane restoration. To date Mark has restored six aircraft using the Stewart Systems finishing system on five of them.

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