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Stewart Systems Water-borne 2 part catalyzed top coat.

EkoPoly is a versatile high performance top coat for metal, composite and fabric surfaces. Eko Poly provides a glossy, flexible, and durable top coat that retains it's flexibility and gloss finish under the most adverse conditions. EkoPoly is resistant to fuels, oils, and solvents. EkoPoly is sold as a "kit" and comes with the catalyst. Reduce using only Distilled water. Follow instruction on the can for current mixing instructions. Coverage when using an HVLP spray gun is 300-325 square feet per gallon. EkoPoly relies on a mechanical cross-link bond for adhesion.  Do not spray EkoPoly over a damp surface. Make sure surface is clean before scuff sanding. Always use a tack-rag designed for waterborne paints and clean dry air to blow and wipe the surface prior to painting. Research paint defect before you paint to learn how to identify and avoid them. We strongly recommend painting a practice panel prior to painting your project. 

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