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EkoPoly is a versatile high performance paint for metal, composite, and fabric surfaces. EkoPoly provides a durable, flexible, and glossy finish that is resistant to fuels, oils, and solvents. EkoPoly has been tested and certified under FAR part 23 standards. It's performance far exceeds the requirements for durability and UV resistance. EkoPoly is sold as a "kit" and comes with the proper amount of catalyst. Reduce using ONLY distilled water. Follow directions on can for proper mixing ratios. Full color saturation glossy finish coverage is roughly 300 square feet per gallon when using a modern HVLP spray gun and a tack-coat / wet-coat application. EkoPoly is only available in glossy colors, clear, and clear metallic. EkoPoly Premium is available in flat or satin with the additional purchase of flattener.

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Flattener for Topcoats

Picture of Flattener for Topcoats
Stewart Systems Flattener for EkoPoly and EkoCrylic


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