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EkoCoat is a one part paint that is ready to use right out of the can. Being a single part paint it does not have the solvent resistance that our 2 part EkoPoly has. It is not as flexible and we do not recommend using it over fabric. Colors are similar to the EkoPoly but since it's a different resin base the tones may be off slightly. A flattening agent can be added to reduce the gloss of the paint. It can be catalyzed with our EkoPoly catalyst by 4% to help improve the durability. Common uses are for touch up and interior components that do not need the durability and solvent resistance of our EkoPoly 2 part catalyzed paint. Call for pricing and details 1-888-EKO-POLY (356-7659)

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Flattener for Topcoats

Picture of Flattener for Topcoats
Stewart Systems Flattener for EkoPoly and EkoCrylic


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