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IMPORTANT!! prior to sanding any composite part that came from a mold you must remove all wax and release agent. Use a solvent to wash down the surface and then wash again with our EkoClean before sanding. If you don't follow these important steps you risk the chance of contaminating the surface by pushing the wax or release agent deep into the surface with the sand paper and you will have adhesion problems.

E620 Grey EkoFill may be used as a filler/primer for additional UV protection  ** DO NOT USE E620W WHITE EKOFILL** Do not wet sand EkoFill

Normally we recommend EkoPrime. It can be applies directly out of the can for a high build and then diluted 10% with Distilled water for a smoother final coat application. EkoPrime may be wet sanded. 


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Picture of EkoClean
Heavy Duty Cleaner


EkoFill – UV Block & Filler Coat

Picture of EkoFill – UV Block & Filler Coat
EkoFill - UV Protectant/Filler Coat for Fabric Aircraft



Picture of EkoPoxy
Waterborne Epoxy Primer

From $0.00

EkoPrime Primer/Sealer

Picture of EkoPrime Primer/Sealer

From $0.00

Lint free wiping rags

Picture of Lint free wiping rags
These disposable rags are ideal for wiping surfaces prior to painting. We often use them with isopropyl alcohol to clean surfaces. 150 per box.


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