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 For those who have not used Stewart Systems before we offer practice kits.  We have a practice kit for fabric aircraft, and a different one for metal or composite aircraft.  The fabric kit contains all the supplies and products needed cover a test frame and take it all the way up through paint.  It also includes the full set of DVD's and the Procedures Manual.  The metal/composite practice kit contains all of the supplies and products needed to prep, prime and paint a test panel.  Also included is the #6 DVD.   The repair kits include everything that is included in the practice kit with the exception of the Procedures Manual and DVD's.  However, with a repair kit you can select the color you would like from any of our standard colors or a color match already on file if you have one.  We have priced the practice kits below our cost to encourage people to try our system and see how easy it is and how well it works.  Please take advantage of it!  

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Fabric Practice Kit

Picture of Fabric Practice Kit
Practice kit for fabric airplanes. Includes all the necessary supplies to cover and paint a test frame


Fabric Repair Kit

Picture of Fabric Repair Kit
The fabric repair kit includes all of the supplies and products necessary to repair minor fabric damage. Please specify paint color in the comments section of the order confirmation during checkout.


Metal/Composite Practice Kit

Picture of Metal/Composite Practice Kit
This kit contains all of the necessary supplies and products to prep, prime, and paint a test panel.


Metal/Composite Repair Kit

Picture of Metal/Composite Repair Kit
The metal/composite repair kit includes all the necessary supplies and products to repair minor damage to the paint on metal and composite aircraft.


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