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Scuffing Final Coat

Posted: Wednesday, September 17, 2014 4:55 PM Quote

I bit the bullet and finally applied the top coat, got lots of runs but am ok at how to remove them. The bigger problem was, all looked great while applying topcoat EkoCrylic but when all was done. I stepped back and noticed the tiger striping. I was not tight enough on the spraying pattern I guess.. sure looked good when i was applying it. The other problem was that I found dirt in the paint (environment) when applied. I cleaned properly but i guess something must have trasferred the dirt there. I want to sand away the dirt section and reapply as well as possibly fog/wetcoat the whole  or partial fuselage again.

1. What is "scuff" before painting like i see in other replies. ScotchBrite? 320 dry? 400/600/1200 wet?
2. How do I avoid killing the shine around the area, in the case where I have dirt, and want to paint that section? It will be nice where I repaint, but the mist that goes onto the area will loose the shine? Taping off the section would be noticable (glass plane)
3. Any other solution to getting rid of the tiger striping

Posted: Wednesday, September 17, 2014 7:50 PM Quote
best results are to sand and re-shoot the entire surface.  Use 320 to quickly remove surface defects. Practice painting on something other than airplane parts to make sure you get the results you want first.

Posted: Thursday, September 18, 2014 8:11 AM Quote
Thanks for the quick reply Jason.  I would like more of a breakdown in detail if you please. I understand scuff means 320. Thanks for that. Am I sanding the entire body because of the dirt and there is no way to "repair" a specific section without the mist from that repair affecting the shine elsewhere?

As I still have other parts to paint, I wanted the detail on what to do with the drip marks, if I had to spot repair (as in the case of the dirt),or I got some more tiger striping. Also, in the case where in the future I have to make some sort of repair on the plane and need to repaint.

As for practicing elsewhere before painting the plane, I believe I have consumed more paint on parts other than the aircraft than the actual aircraft itself. I believe the misfortune of tiger striping/dirt/drips is a combination of bad timing,conditions,AND skill :-)