Posted: Friday, May 15, 2015 5:02 PM Quote
I have been having trouble trying to add flattener to my olive drab paint (no fault of Stewarts paints) I have had the paint supplies over a year. (due to health issues of my other half) I had to put off the paint job. I checked with Dan for proper mixing of flattener. What I saw the flattner had rust in it due to long time before using. The rust is from the metal can.  
The results were tiny specks of the flattener made it trough the filters and caused a rough surface. I did a test and spray a panel without the flattner and it was OK no specks. I have decided not to use it and also go to a gloss finish. I have sanded
the plane using 320. My question is do I need some kind of sealer on the olive drab sanded surface. I am now going to Gloss..  Kelly green.
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