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Lets talk about "pay" first. Does p2w include paying ingame gold? If so - sure, in the long run you need to pay for your packs and expand your collection. For me as a f2p freeloader that's the essence of the game. The way is the goal and I enjoy growing my collection on the different regions and check out what I can achieve with the cards that I own. But I suspect when HS is called out to be p2w it usually means you need to pay real money to "win", and that may even be true to a certain degree - a better collection helps, no matter how you acquired it. But it is by no means necessary to enjoy the game. Quite the opposite, it's an entertaining challenge to use only the resources that you have at hand and see how far it gets you. I started playing HS on EU servers during beta so I have an almost complete collection there. On US I started when TgT came out, first just to see if all the whining about HS being a p2w game was true and made it to rank 5 with a simple mech mage deck. I enjoyed this success so much I just kept playing on both regions then. Last region was Asia, where I started a week before WotoG came out - this time, to secure the first Naxx wing before it disappeared and to help a friend, who had also just started there, with watch-and-learn quests. Again, with the free WotoG cards at the beginning it was possible to get to 5 by focusing on C'Thun Druid (admittedly, I was lucky and got Twin Emperor Vek'lor early) during the first month, and it felt even better than getting to the same rank with my much better cards on EU. So no, you don't have to pay real money, not even at the very beginning, to get to what I would consider a good result, which even rewards you 500 dust or, if you can use it in your collection, a pretty golden epic card?

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