Posted: Friday, May 11, 2018 4:18 AM Quote

So, a little while back I made a box for my wife and put Danish oil on it with the thought that I'd spray it with lacquer after I made a couple more boxes...rather than getting the gun dirty for a very small project. Fast forward, I have the other boxes finished and am ready to spray them all. I was looking at the one I did a few weeks ago and I'm kind of liking the looks of it. Obviously it doesn't get much abuse on her dresser, so I guess the oil will protect it just fine, but what will it look like in a year or 3 or 10? The other 2 boxes are for my grand kids, and they may get beat up a bit, so the lacquer may be needed for those. Anyone have much experience with oils, danish in particular, as the only finish?

Please help.

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