Posted: Saturday, May 19, 2018 6:36 AM Quote

I bought a used 50HP air compressor at a garage sale last year for cheap and have been using it to clean computers and other electronics. It works great and makes the job easy. I used to buy those stupid $7 cans of air but, IMO, they're a rip off. Anyway, I was telling my computer savy friend about how I clean my system(s) (and other peoples) and he gasped saying "I should never clean a computer with an air compressor", "I'm lucky nothing got wrecked". I told him he was on crack and nothing gets the dust out better. Maybe in the old days when jumpers were all over the place I would see an argument, but mobos today are idiot prove. Even so, I check every connection afterwards. What do you guys think?

Please help.

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