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Repair Dope Cracks

Posted: Saturday, September 15, 2018 11:21 AM Quote
I recovered the tail and flight controls with Stewart Systems on my Viking a few years ago.  The fuselage and wings are still covered with dope.  There are some cracks forming in the dope on the fuselage.  I'd like to cover the cracks with tape to seal them up then UV protect and top coat to match.  I want to use Ekobond to glue the tape and Ekofill for the UV, but use dope for topcoat since I know the color codes of the top coats.  Is this possible?  Will butyrate dope stick to the Ekofill?  Will Ekobond adhere to the butyrate without removing all the old dope around the cracks?  Thanks!
Posted: Wednesday, November 7, 2018 4:52 PM Quote
It is possible to repair dope with Stewart Systems.  The biggest concern is the adhesion of the old dope.  Our products will stick to the dope, but will the dope stay adhered to the surface.  In our manual we require that the dope is removed to the silver only where the glue joint will be if you are patching.  For cracked areas of dope, the best way to repair that is to brush EkoFill up under the old dope as best you can.  Then after it is dried, feather it out with sand paper.  Then you can paint over it with EkoPoly Premium, or the original dope.

Andy Humphrey A&P
Stewart Systems Tech Support