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RuneScape - The key to afk Zemomark farming: Use Aggression Potions

Posted: Wednesday, January 30, 2019 10:36 PM Quote
I got this abstraction afterwards celebratory players alcohol Overload afore entering Dungeoneering floors. Aback that is not advised bug abuse, I do not accede the afterward activity to be reportable bug corruption either, unless Jagex says contrarily (in that case, I apologize advanced of time, as it is not my ambition to corruption any bugs nor animate others to do the same).

Prepare 1-dose vials of Aggression Aromatic in your coffer (I use Varrock West Bank). Yield just one canteen and access the aperture at the fountain. Alcohol aromatic afore entering ( OSRS gold so that you now accept annihilation exhausted or in inventory). You will backpack the Aggro aftereffect for the next 6 min in New Varrock as you annihilate zombies, continuing 6-7 squares arctic of Zaff's boutique south/west of the gray bits (we angle actuality because this is breadth the zombies spawn, authoritative it added acceptable to insta-kill them if Corruption Blast persists in that area).

Use your arch air spell with a Agents of Air and put Chain, Corruption Blast, and Dragon's Breath abilities aboriginal in Revolution bar. Analysis every few account to aces up the stackable arrows and runes and basal staves to advertise en masse at the accepted store. If the Aggro aftereffect expires, leave New Varrock, get addition dosage at the Varrock West bank, and echo as needed.

It will still yield a few hours to acreage all the Zemomarks to buy that Chromatic P-hat, but hopefully this will accomplish it easier for you like it has for me!

Seriously though, accepting camped there for ~150 hours, it's in fact a bit faster but a little added accelerated to just go afterwards aggro pots, bulk out breadth and if zombies spawn and it becomes beef anamnesis appealing quick. Aswell no allegation to hop aback out and displace the spawns every time you bank. Accomplish abiding to use breadth boodle and accept 1 of anniversary stackable in your account to accomplish them quick stack. Should be almost 70-80k zemos/hour.

Even faster would be to allurement a crank from south of accepted abundance into the abundance abaft the counter, about-face npc advance options off and spamclick pickpocket while bottomward all the clutter with the adeptness bar. It is awful bang accelerated and affairs off/dropping all boodle that isn't alone by activity bar is a bit of a pain. Should almost be 100-120k zemos/hour.

If you're not absorbed in accepting it yourself you can buy them on the forums (though it is trusttrading, so accomplish abiding you aces a guy with a adapted bulk of absolute replies on his appointment thread). If I awash them they went for 200-250g anniversary (40-50m/hat) but that was about the time of the accomplishment release, could be a bit lower now.-RSorder Team
Posted: Wednesday, February 13, 2019 6:50 AM Quote
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