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On a day in which Matthew Stafford was barely touched and the Detroit Lions ran the ball with more efficiency than they’ve seen in nearly 30 years , it’s time to give the offensive line the credit they’re due.And it’s perfect timing, because ESPN just dropped brand-new offensive line rankings based on their brand-new stat, something called “Pass Block Win Rate.” According to ESPN, Pass Block Win Rate (PBWR) is a measure of an offensive lineman’s ability to sustain their blocks for 2.5 seconds or more. So Monday, they ranked all 32 offensive tackle pairings based on their collective PBWR score. Let’s check in on the Lions.Hmm... not in the top 10. That’s odd. Well, surely they’re in the top half of the league... no? Okay Tavon Wilson Jersey , I must have missed them. Let’s scroll back down to No. 1, maybe I missed them there. Nope. Not there. Well, I guess I’ll keep scrolling... and scrolling... and scro—30TH? They’re 30th?!?Surely this has to be from a previous season. What? No. Okay, what’s going on here?“Decker ranked among league’s best tackles in PBWR in his eight games last season, while Wagner was above average,” ESPN’s Seth Walder wrote. “That has not been the case in 2018.”That’s it. That’s all they give us. The Lions have allowed a total of just 10 sacks all season (fifth-best) Authentic Matt Prater Jersey , and somehow the tackles are the third worst in the league in pass blocking. While it’s true sack numbers aren’t everything, this statistic just seems bunk. Looking at Pro Football Focus’ grades paints an entirely different picture of the duo. Taylor Decker has a pass blocking grade of 83.0 (eighth best among all tackles) and Rick Wagner’s grade is 77.6 (22nd). We’ll give ESPN a pass since the stat is still relatively new, but they may want to work out the kinks. Here’s a fun fact to show to your Packers friend: Lions rookie guard Frank Ragnow got some credit from NBC Sports’ Peter King this week in his Monday Morning Quarterback Football Morning in America column. Ragnow was named one of King’s offensive players of the week due to a perfect block on Kerryon Johnson’s 71-yard run. Speaking of Frank Ragnow, here’s a play he’ll certainly enjoy watching in the film room this week: You know those people who were holding up canopies to keep the Lions out of the sun in Miami? Matthew Stafford is planning on getting them a gift after keeping him noticeably cooler on Sunday. Dave Birkett has the full story on the mystery men.Kerryon Johnson has the best caption for his own highlight: MLive’s Kyle Meinke believes it’s okay to believe in the Lions right now. They’re good. The bye week is bittersweet for Detroit Lions fans. On one hand, we get to watch football stress-free and don’t need to worry about the devastating feeling of a Lions loss. On the other hand, the entire league can be a bit boring without the Lions. NFL football is a very good product Youth Nevin Lawson Jersey , but without that passionate connection to a team, there’s definitely something missing.But for those of you that aren’t taking the week off with the Lions, there’s an... okay set of game for Week 6. So today’s Question of the Day:What is the most interesting game on the slate for Week 6?My answer: Normally, I would pick an NFC game, since it would have some sort of implications for the Lions, but the slate of games leave much to be desired. Falcons-Buccaneers is probably the best of the slate , but both teams are probably pretty bad right now. Elsewhere in the NFC we’ve got Carolina-Washington, which could be alright.But the real action is in the AFC. Chiefs-Patriots to finish the night could be a really fun game, as could the interconference game between the Jaguars and the Cowboys. Overall, though, it’s just not that great of a matchup week, which means most of Sunday will probably be spent on the Red Zone channel.Your turn.Tweets from