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NEW !! Lint free towels now available

Friday, March 15, 2013

When cleaning the fabric surface prior to the brushed application of EkoFill our directions say to use a terry cloth towel or a sponge to clean the fabric.  The problem with terry cloth is that it leaves lint everywhere, sponges work alright but do not have the ability to remove excess glue residue from the surface of the fabric. The new quilted polyester towels are lint free, washable, and work great to clean the surface of the fabric and can also be used to scrub off excess glue residue for a clean smooth surface. Call us for more details or to order search for part number TSQT10. They are sold as a 10 pack for $22.50

We also have a washable microfiber lint free towel now that works excellent for the final surface prep wipe before painting. Use the micro fiber towel dampened with 91% isopropyl alcohol to remove the last remaining residue from the surface by lightly wiping after using a tack-rag to pull the majority of the sanding residue off. It also works great when cleaning the base color with alcohol prior to applying masking tape for trim colors. Again we recommend calling for more details or search for them under the part number TSMFT10. These are also sold as a 10 pack for $22.50 

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