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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

We have updated the recommended instructions for spraying the EkoPoly Premium and suggest you download a copy from of the instructions from the Support section of this website.

It's important to make sure your viscosity is not too low. We have found that the best results are with a viscosity of 22-24 seconds with the DuPont M50 cup which is the same as a Zahn #2 cup.  Always make sure the viscosity cup measures water at 15 seconds first before checking the viscosity of the paint.  

-Mix paint and catalyst well and let sit a few minutes before adding the distilled water. 

-Add about 70% of the expected amount of water you think you may use, mix well and let sit 5 min before checking viscosity. It takes a few minutes for the viscosity to stabilize after reducing.  Slowly add more water if needed to achieve the 22-24 seconds. 


We now recommend spraying a tack coat / wet coat. Watch the videos on the Stewart Systems YouTube channel regarding the new suggested spray application technique.  


Call 1-888-356-7659 if you have any questions. And always spray a test panel first before painting any airplane parts. 

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