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EkoPoxy - White Gallon Kit

2 part epoxy primer 1 gallon kit with catalyst white color, For use on metal, wood, and composite surfaces.

EkoPoxy Primer is a high performance primer that is solvent resistant and provides excellent corrosion protection.  EkoPoxy is recommended for use on steel, aluminum and composite surfaces.  

Available in White (E7610), Smoke Gray (E7620) Charcoal Gray (E7625) and ZC Green (E7630), EkoPoxy is a perfect choice.

We recommend White EkoPoxy (E7610) or Smoke Gray EkoPoxy (E7620) on the metal, and a cross coat of EkoPrime White over the fabric when using bright colored paints like reds, yellows, or blues.

We recommend using a 1.5 tip when spraying EkoPoxy on your clean prepared surface.  The viscosity using a DuPont M50 cup should be around 25 seconds.  To reduce viscosity, use up to 5% distilled water. 

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