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Paint Strainer Kit 125

Strainer Kit - Wall mount holder + 200 ea 125 micron strainers

A total system that provides a clean room manufactured storage and no touch tab dispensing to ensure that each strainer is 100% contamination free at final use.  This system is developed to provide the critical increased level of purity required for preparing today's waterborne paints.  

Gerson® Elite™ paint strainers are manufactured using Gerson’s exclusive fully automated clean room manufacturing process and spectrographically lot-tested  filter material to ensure that is strainer is pure and contamination free.  The filters are automatically packaged in sealed pods to protect their purity until final use. 

The strainers are then dispensed from the patent pending Elite™ Strainer Dispenser that is designed to provide clean dust-free storage and “No-Touch” tab dispensing.


Gerson® strainers are manufactured to meet the standards required by todays paints, for defect free finishes.  

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Elite Dispenser Kit

Gerson Elite Dispenser Starter Kit with 200 blue 125 micron strainers and 1 dispenser


SKU: TS Dispenser Kit

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