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EkoFill – UV Block & Filler Coat

EkoFill - UV Protectant/Filler Coat for Fabric Aircraft

EkoFill serves four (4) purposes when used on fabric.  First EkoFill is a fabric sealer, Second EkoFill fills the weave of the fabric, Third, EkoFill is a UV Block and Fourth, EkoFill is a primer coat.

EkoFill is a high build filler coat and UV block used over polyester fabic, and composite materials.  It has excellent adhesion, superior high build properties and is an outstanding UV barrier on fabric and composite surfaces.  When properly applied EkoFill dry sands very easily with an open coat sand paper like the P320 Open Coat Sand Paper available on our website. For the kit builder EkoFill is an excellent primer coat for any top coat. 

EkoFill can be used directly under white and gray top coats.  For true color, as white base should be provided for the color coats.  We recommend our EkoPrime White (E7510) or a coat of white EkoPoly Premium paint

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