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An Easy-To-Apply Clear Finish With Incredible Protective Properties For Almost Any Aircraft Surface.

 EverShield is a two part material, and includes an additional curing rinse. 

EverShield was initially designed to help protect props and leading edges, but over time we have found a number of versatile applications of EverShield for treating products as diverse as sheet metal, canoes, and bicycles! EverShield can be used on boat hulls as an anti-fowling coating - even barnacles can be removed with power washing, saving hours of scraping hulls! EverShield will rejuvinate metal buildings that have chalked.

Some common applications of EverShield for our customers include use as a protectant on exhaust to keep exhaust pipes looking new and cooler (do not use in carb heat pick up area), and as a protectant for polished surfaces, when polished with our Pro Polish, or surface has been cleaned with a mild EkoEtch solution to remove any residual oils from the polish. 

Most materials do not stick well to EverShield protected surfaces, including more EverShield .

Evershield is only available for ground shipping.

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