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Toko T14 Iron 220V

The Toko T14 iron was actually designed as a ski wax iron. It has all of the features that make it the absolute best fabric iron on the market. We highly recommend this iron for all aircraft fabric covering.

 The Toko T14 iron is the ideal iron for aircraft fabric covering.  Tradionally, clothes irons have been used for shrinking aircraft fabric.  Clothes irons are problematic in this application for several reasons.  First, and probably most importantly, they do not regulate temperature accurately and require constand monitoring and calibration.  If the iron gets too cool, a proper shrink is not obtained.  But worse, if the temperature gets too hot the fabric will be permanently damaged.  Polyester fabric will begin to loose it's memory, or elastisity, if heated beyond about 425 degrees.  You will most likely not be able to tell anything is wrong during the covering process.  When the aircraft is subjected to temperature variations the fabric will become loose.  There is no fix for that except to recover.   Another issue with a clothes iron is very uneven heating on the sole plate.  Scanning the sole plate with an infared thermometer will reveal temperature differeces of over 100 degrees across the sole plate.  So what temperature did you iron that fabric to??  That depends on which direction the iron was pointing and how fast it was moving.  Some areas will have been too hot, and some not hot enough.   Another frustration with most clothes irons is an automatic shut off.   Most people that have covered with a clothes iron have shared the frustration of ironing along just to realize that the iron has shut off at some point.  When did it shut off?  How much has to be ironed again?  The Toko iron solves all of these problems!

* Digital thermostat for very precise temperature control, and no need for calibration.  Temperature is maintained within a few degrees at all times.

* Digital readout displays current temp and indicates when it is heating.

* Digital thermostat is set to an exact temperature.  No guessing, calibrating, readjusting, etc...

* Temperature cannot be set high enough to damage fabric.

* Sole plate is designed for very even heating over the entire area.  No hot spots.

* No automatic shutoff.

* 1200 watt heating element is nearly double what most clothes irons have so it will keep up while shrinking large areas.

* Light weight and compact, less fatigue when ironing large areas.

* Built to last.

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Toko T14 220v

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